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ExplaraX - The refreshingly simple all-in-one platform to host & manage web3 crypto events, email marketing, event promotion and team collaboration to deliver the finest experience for your audience.

Host RSVPs, ticketed events, NFT events, conferences, meetups and community events.

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We support Ethereum, Algorand and more L1s for NFT Ticketing

Trusted by more than 100,000+ Creators & Communities around the world.

The ExplaraX Difference

Besides being the world’s most cost-effective event tool, Explara also..

DIY | Scalable

Manage all your event types: RSVP / Ticketed / NFT Web3 events
Unlimited registration / ticket types

Highly Customizable

Custom event pages, settings and accessibility
One-click apps integrations, payments, emails & more


Map your domain
Flexible team & role management


Increased productivity
Elimination of repeat activities

Unlike any tool you’ve used before

ExplaraX delivers a finest user experience by blending UI sophistication with top-notch functionality.

ExplaraX Beautiful Event Page
Beautiful Event Page

Create a beautiful event page with all details in a single click and choose RSVP/ticketing types. Personalize with unique URLs, images, and email templates.

Auto-add to your Contacts
Auto-add to your Contacts

As users register for your event, they are automatically added to their respective contact lists. Import and add all your contacts to different lists for your events or email marketing.

Send Email Campaigns
Send Email Campaigns

Send beautiful emails for your events or newsletters using the built-in email campaign tool, dozens of templates and editors. Use your AWS SES gateway and personalize from email-sending accounts.

Map your domain

Host all events in your domain to retain website visitors' traffic and cross-leverage for your business services/solutions. Your branded event website and event links!

Sync events on Attendees’ Calendar

RSVP/registration confirmations are automatically added to the user's calendars on multiple platforms to reduce no-shows and stay organized.

ExplaraX Fastest RSVP
Fastest RSVP

Speed up guest registration with a custom RSVP form. Choose between moderated or open registration. Host meetups, hackathons, networking, dinner parties, and more.

ExplaraX Sell Event Tickets
Sell Event Tickets

Easily manage event tickets/registration, offer various ticket types, coupon codes and accept multiple currencies. Integrate fiat & crypto payment gateways in one click (Stripe, Copperx, Onramp Money, etc).

NFT Ticketing & Crypto
NFT Ticketing & Crypto

Host Crypto events with Crypto payments like BTC, ETH, USDT and more. Send pre-minted or to-be-minted NFT to the attendees. Use your favorite L1/L2s to mint.

Proof of Attendance
Proof of Attendance

Offer Proof of Attendance NFTs to attendees for a memorable event experience with custom badges, exclusive deals, and special access.

Accept fiat payments worldwide
Accept fiat payments worldwide

Want to accept fiat payments? We support 1-click integration with your Stripe to process fiat payments from users in 127+ countries, as supported by Stripe.


The real-time data dashboard helps you to analyze registration performance, incomplete orders, revenue, and daily sales reports to make data-driven decisions.

All-in-one Tools

Access all event tools, including Form Tool for attendee details, Email Campaign Tool, and Affiliate Tool for unlimited unique links and performance-based rewards.

Powerful built-in apps

Simplify your needs for payment, sales, marketing, support, operations and more with our in-built apps. All are integrated and ready to use with a click.

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We are the world's first set of event ticketing Startups that started in 2008; ExplaraX is our new platform for the next few decades.